I forgot about this blog after all this time. Hahaha.

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Leslie Feist.

Feist - The Reminder

I just found out about Feist recently, when the new iPod Nano commercial aired not too long ago. Her single, 1234, got stuck in my head, as well as the interesting video, so I immediately checked out the rest of the album on which the single was released, The Reminder. I have no words, it’s just simply amazing. At times jazz, and at other times bossanova, the album is such a cacophony of ambient tricklings and the occasional beat. My favorites are The Water, 1234, I Feel It All, My Moon My Man, and Honey Honey; in that order. It reminds me of Arai Akino, a Japanese artist who sings eerie, ambient songs like Feist.

At this point, I’ve got The Reminder on repeat.

UPDATE 10/12: Added a direct link to Apple’s iPod Nano commercial.

Ultra Stackables are the shiznit!

Ultra Stackables Bundle

TigerDirect has quite the bundle deal on Ultra Stackables. I want them.

Assassin’s Creed is going to be frakking awesome!!!

Assassin’s Creed

I just checked out some screenshots and the first gameplay video for Assassin’s Creed on GameSpot, and I have to say, it looks so freaking awesome!!! Watch the first gameplay video – it is as revolutionary as Star Wars: The Force Unleashed!

The gaming corruption of a seven year old girl.

Ka-Ka playing Nintendo Wii.

This is my cute, seven year old niece, Kokia, but our family calls her by her Chinese nickname, Ka-Ka. Last night, she came over to our place to visit, but the real reason was to play Nintendo Wii because I told her the night before that I had one. She played for three hours with a short break in between. Is this the beginning of a gaming girl? Uh oh, my cousin might kill me.

Ka-Ka is especially good at the Wii Sports Boxing. Either that, or she’s got the best beginner’s luck I’ve ever seen. Just look at her deadly jab. It makes this old uncle proud. ^_^